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Domestic Travel Registration

To better prepare for emergencies and provide assistance to the member of the Saint Mary's College community traveling, all Saint Mary's College travelers are required to complete a registration process online prior to departure. This registration process will enable SMC to locate and communicate with faculty, staff, students, and guests in the event of an emergency. 

The Travel Risk Advisory Committee's (TRAC) charge is to review all Saint Mary's College of California sponsored travel for risk assessment.  As a traveler, you are required to submit appropriate registration or application form online for review by the TRAC.  Once members have completed their review, you will be contacted for additional information or will be notified that your travel has been approved.  It is not advisable to spend any College funds until you have received approval. Please tailor your materials to your specific circumstances while answering each question comprehensively.  

To submit an application, click the following button:

  • Please be advised that first time users will be directed to the new account creation page prior to gaining access to the travel registration form. Make sure to remember your account information.
  • If you are not automatically redirected back to the application, please return back to this page and click the "Apply Now" button above again to start your new travel registration. 
  • If you are SMC user, please make sure that you have a CURRENT and ACTIVE SMC log in credentials.
  • If you have already created an account in the past, please use the  existing login credential.

Travel Risk Assessment Committee (TRAC) Contact Information
Susie Miller-Reid, MA
Interim Acting Chair of TRAC
Director of Center for International Programs
Phone: x4316